Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance and Emergencies

Maintenance is essential for keeping your organisation running safely, efficiently and legally.  From boiler servicing to PAT testing, our skilled maintenance team is here to identify issues before they become problems as well as minimise the risk of hazards developing.

With our planned maintenance service, we will work with you to compile a comprehensive maintenance schedule, ensuring nothing is overlooked and everything is serviced and tested on time.

We also understand however that emergencies can and do arise, often when you least expect.  For this reason, we always have a specialist emergency response unit on call 24-7 to get your systems up and running again.

To ensure our engineers get to you in the quickest possible time, our entire maintenance and emergency fleet is monitored by real-time vehicle tracking and managed by a dedicated service helpdesk.

If you would like to discuss planned maintenance, please call our customer service team on 0161 339 2847 or email