Design & Build

Design and Build

Experienced in providing design and build services for some of the biggest names in the UK, the Copeland Group provides high quality new build construction services.  We work either as principle contractor, taking the lead in driving a project from conception to completion, or as a service provider within a main contractors team.  We offer design and functional innovation, as well as strict adherence to tightly defined schedules and budgets.

To ensure you receive a responsive and efficient service, we assign every contract an experienced and professional management team.  Each team works to fully appreciate and understand your needs, and works closely with all the associated specialist design teams.  Our approach ensures you receive clear communications, a single point of responsibility and cost certainty throughout.

Energy efficient buildings

Rising energy costs and increasing stakeholder pressure to lower energy consumption mean whole life costing during a building’s lifespan is now always a primary concern.  Crucially, we can help you create energy smart buildings that incorporate innovative design using advanced and efficient technologies to cut your energy costs by as much as 50 per cent.

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Design & Build