CPD Training

CPD training

As a Morley approved supplier the Copeland Group offers the complete range of Honeywell Morley CPD Seminars. As a goodwill gesture, we give all our customers, associated consultants and construction specialists the opportunity to book free of charge.

All the seminars have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service, and are recognised as the industry’s principle forum for educating and raising awareness in the fire industry. For your convenience, the seminars can be held at your premises and arranged at a time to suit you. Each seminar lasts approximately one hour, and we can accommodate lunch hour or before/after working hours.

Our Honeywell Morley CPD Seminars include:

  1. False Alarm Prevention

  2. A Complete Guide to Service and Maintenance Requirements

  3. Emergency Voice Communication Systems

  4. Demystifying the design and use of Voice Alarm/PA Systems

  5. A guide to fire safety in NHS premises

  6. Fire Alarms – UK & Europe Regulatory Environment

  7. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems – Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring

For more information and to book a seminar please contact our head office on 0161 339 2847 or email cpdtraining@copelandgroup.co.uk